Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zoo Trip 7/Part 2

My boys headed back from the train ride.

We sat down to relax and cool off with some water. Eli decided to pour it on himself. He seemed a bit more refreshed after doing this.

Then we headed back to the barnyard area, made a donation and fed the animals some hay.

The boys enjoyed watching daddy do this and then it was time to clean our hands.
This is the new fun "game" for them.
Asa was terrified of the cow last year. He looks so cute trying to milk it now.

As we were leaving the barnyard area, one of the pens was being cleaned out and the hose was leaking. Well we thought for sure we would have to drag the boys through it. Boy were we wrong.

The butterfly house has more than Monarchs this year. So exciting. Still need to look this one up and try to update the name later.

Then we had a light snack. We shared two small bags of chips and a small bag of popcorn. Trisha even joined us while on her break.

Then we went on the carousel. Asa only rode once this day. Eli rode three times and would have ridden more had we let him.

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