Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jollay Orchards

Feeding and petting the animals in the little petting area.
This goat was very bold sticking his head through the fencing.
This is actually the closest Asa came to petting the animals.
Eli checking out his surroundings. Trying to see everything.
On the hayride, waiting to ride around the orchard grounds.
Asa sitting with Miranda. He was not to thrilled to be on the hayride. Also seen in this picture is Stacy and Chuck and Uncle Darian.
Dada finally took Asa and the little guy held on for all it was worth. He really didn't like it that much, now Eli was oblivious and seemed to really like the hayride.
Brandon and Maddy also road on the hayride with us. Brandon and Chuck talked politics almost the entire time. However this was not a bad thing. I learned a lot of things that just furthered my decision to vote the way that I was planning to vote.
Asa walking down the path with his Great-Aunt Barb and Great-Uncle Darian.
He had fun being swung along.
There is something so sweet about this picture. I just love it.
Asa picking up the pumpkin or at least trying.
Chris finally picked it up and handed it to him. If you look closely you can see Eli's hand reaching for the pumpkin.
Sitting on the tractor that was on display.
Just look at that smile.
Asa decided that the pumpkins were balls and he couldn't understand why they wouldn't bounce.
Asa and Maddy climbing around all the pumpkins.
Eli behind one of the giant pumpkins. Right after taking this picture someone bought that pumpkin. They were kind enough to wait for us taking the picture.
Eli and his tight lipped smile, usually a sign of concentrated excitement.
Asa with his chocolate mouth from sharing Maddy's cookie with her.
Michelle and Maddy. She had chocolate mouth too.
Look at that smile of sheer delight. He got a hold of the lens cap and loved it.
Brandon and Maddy, trying to take her dad's hat.
Guess who won?

Monday, October 27, 2008

We made it to Saint Joe

We had so much fun. We had a wonderful time on the trip over and Asa had fun building with the blocks then knocking them down over and over again. Tomorrow I will post the images from the orchard.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Side trip to the Augusta Covered Bridge

Last weekend we went across state to spend time with the family over there (more on that later). On our way over we made a little side trip to see the Augusta Covered Bridge. This was a very pleasant little place to take a walk. I am looking forward to going back on another trip.
Here is Asa helping dada push the stroller. He is getting to be such a big boy. He is usually pretty helpful with things, do note the word usually. He is doing very well with the holding someone's hand when we go places so he is not in the stroller as much.

Here Asa is pushing the stroller all by himself. He did this for about fifteen feet. He was so cute because he would push it a bit then stop, look around the side to make sure he was still going in the right direction, then go back and continue pushing.

The path ahead. We turned around at this point since we were on somewhat of a schedule.

Although Asa decided that he was going to keep going. Dada had to go and grab him. It was at this point that he went into the stroller.

But only after helping dada push the stroller a little bit more.

Eli enjoying himself and his bottle out in the great outdoors.

Some of the beautiful fall color that surrounded us.

The boys sitting next to the covered bridge. I took this picture through the little window. Eli was delighted to see me pop out of the opening as though we were playing peek-a-boo.

Another shot of my boys, although this is from the other end of the bridge.

The Augusta River that the bridge is built over.

The bridge itself.

The boys in front of the logging wheel. This image Chris took.

Another shot of them. Look at that smile on Eli's face.

The logging wheel.

A carved bear in a tree stump. I didn't even notice the tree carvings until we were headed back to the car.

An eagle carved in a tree stump. I was in awe of the amount of detail in these carvings. It was a perfect way to end our little side trip.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures from the rest of our trip. Then hopefully I will be back on track and have the pictures from Asa's second birthday party ready and posted by this Wednesday. Have a great day today.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boat Pictures

Okay so I finally have the pictures of Asa on the boat that I promised back on September 1. Stacy forgot they were on her other camera as she rarely uses that camera herself. It doesn't matter how long it took (not that it was all that long) what matters is I have them and now I can share them all with everyone who reads my blog. The original posts for this days events can be found here, here and here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Michigan Renaissance Festival

For Chris's birthday we went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. We had a good day. Most of what we did was planned around doing things as a family, since Chris and I enjoy a lot of the children's shows as well or more so than the adult shows. We started off the day watching the Ric Roc Zoo show. Eli was very intent on this show, especially the part where Ric tries to stand pieces of timber on end.

The next show that we watched was the Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales show. This is a very cute show for kids. We watched it with Asa last year and both he and Eli seemed to enjoy it this year.

At the end of the show they give the children the opportunity to go up and hug the dragon. I thought Asa was going to do this. He went over climbed the steps onto the stage and started to walk over to the dragon but then he turned and ran over to the side of the stage where Chris grabbed him and I snapped this adorable picture below.

Next we went over to the petting zoo area. Asa liked looking at the animals. On a side note, I was showing Asa some of the pictures of the animals tonight and did you know that birds say cocococo(all birds say this), donkeys say ooooooo (like a cow), goat say woowoowoo (like a dog), and horses are babies well at least in Asa's world they do and are.
A baby goat

Before going out to lunch we stopped to see the Enchanted Statue. Asa was intrigued by her but not willing to get to close. Although after she gave the little scroll to us for him, he would not let go of it until we got out to the van for lunch and only after he had food in his hand.

Eli also took his first nap of the day at this point. Chris carried him in his cloak and Eli fell asleep almost instantly once he was snuggled in next to his dada.

After lunch we headed over to see The Zucchini Brothers. This is my favorite show at the Renaissance. They used to be my second favorite until Don Juan and Miguel stopped coming to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Doesn't Eli look cute with his dada's cap on his head. Asa also took his nap at this time, needless to say he didn't see the juggling show. (I also took video of the juggling. I'll try to have this uploaded in a day or two and posted to the blog.)

After watching the Zucchini Brothers, we headed over to watch Sir Ryosis. He does a magic act that is rather enjoyable. I didn't get pictures though. We then headed over to have cake with Chris's family. Here we let Asa run around a bit and Eli got passed around, you see him here with his papa.

Following the cake, we headed over to the children's dell for more playing. Here are pictures of the boys as little trolls. Then we have Asa as the knight who slayed a dragon.

Before leaving for the day, we sat down to enjoy the celtic music sounds of Tartanic. This was very enjoyable and Eli fell asleep even though the one guy was pounding a drum two rows in front of where we sat. The poor guy holding that drum, kept saying how numb his arms were after he was done holding it.

As we left, Queen Elizabeth bid us farewell.

We had a very pleasant day out at the festival, this has not changed as we always enjoy our time out at the festival. The weather was pleasant although it did fluctuate between being a bit too cool at times and a bit too warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds. We spent plenty of time taking our jackets off and then putting them back on again. Upon arriving at home, I had to take one more picture of each of my boys in there "little pirate" outfits. Asa's was a gift from Uncle Kirk and Aunt Holly that they found on clearance and Eli's was one I found on clearance, so they were both able to be pirates for the day.