Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zoo Trip 12 - John Ball Zoo - Grand Rapids - Part 1

The pelicans as you head into the zoo.
I know the whites are a bit blown out but I just can't get over how large these birds are.
The penguin exhibit.

Fish in the aquarium, an anemone, some fish, and a starfish.

Golden Eagles.

Black Bear and Grizzly Bear, they look so cute and cuddly but I know I do not want to meet one face to face.

Mountain Lions.

Snow Leopard.

Monkeys, these guys were so much fun to watch. I also loved how the one monkey in the corner reminded me of a little kid begging to be let back inside.

More to come tomorrow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Renaissance Festival 2010 - Part 5 - The Joust

We walked around the grounds for a little while and ended up stopping to watch the joust.
I put together a little stop action film from the 150+ pictures that I took of the joust, it is posted at the bottom. I cropped most of these images that are posted so that you only see the main action.

The jousting pole shattered, it was rather impressive to watch and know that I captured the images.

Leading the horses back to the stables, this rider was the emcee of the joust.
And just before we were leaving Papa Tony was teasing Eli making him just laugh away.

Renaissance Festival 2010 - Part 4 - Seeing the Shows

After lunch, we headed back in to watch more shows.
Asa wanting me to take pictures of him "hiding" before the show started.

Ric Roc - he does a slap stick style solo show. The boys loved it.

Then after Ric Roc, we stayed to watch Tartanic.
These guys make bagpipes look like the coolest instrument EVER!
Eli cracked me up covering his ears because two years ago he fell asleep with the pounding of the big drum over his head.
Molly got chosen to help collect money for Tartanic.

Next we headed over to watch The Village Idiots!
A great musical comedy group.

"All the single mateys" (think Beyonce "All the single ladies")