Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tall Ships - Day 1

The first impression as we headed into the Tall Ship Celebration.
The Europa is a beautiful and magnificent ship. (We did not tour this ship on this day.)

First thing we did was stop and watch the Appledore come through the drawbridge.

Some of the performers to help set the mood of the celebration.
Then, the view I seemed to enjoy the most, looking straight up to see those masts. I was totally enamored by this sight.

First Asa, then Eli each taking their turn as Captain in command.

Then they each took a turn ringing the bell.

Then on to the next ship. Here the boys are checking things out. Followed by each of them taking a turn at the Helm.

Checking out the ropes and a group shot minus me. We had a great time with my niece.

I love these to images as we see Eli looking up and then we get to see what it was he was looking at as he was gazing upward.

Eli looking like a natural on the ship. The way the wind tossled his hair makes it look as though we are truly sailing. Then an image of the ship that he was probably checking out.

Sarah taking a breather. So of course a perfect chance for a photo op.

And yet another ship that the boys are attempting to comandeer.

Love this shot, it is currently the background on my computer. I just love the backlighting of the sun and the effect.

Leaving the celebration grounds for the day. Sarah just looked to perfect standing there gazing out over the water.

And a shot of the celebration grounds as we were stopped in traffic waiting for the drawbridge to raise and lower, the last image is actually shot from the bridge as we passed over.
On this first day, we toured three of the ships, The Roald Amundsen, The Pride of Baltimore II, and The Roseway. We barely had to wait in a line if at all on this day.
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed an evening of swimming and relaxing. I wish I had taken a few images while we were at the pool but didn't take the camera down with me.

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