Friday, December 23, 2011

Watching Thomas go by...

...after Molly's baptism. We headed up to Genesee to see Thomas go by on the tracks. It was rainy and we had to sit in the car but the boys loved it.

Then we stopped again the next day. It was also a much nicer day and we got to watch outside of the car. The boys also made friends with some of the other kids up there too.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Molly's Baptism

Here Molly is confirming her beliefs and testifying before the congregation.

She sang a solo, then there was a sermon followed by Molly's baptism.

Here is the video.

The elders of the church ended the service by praying for Molly.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Somedays are worth...

...chasing rainbows!

Went to the store after the horseshoe tournament and came out to this view. Then headed to a better location to try and capture it some more. Stayed until it faded and headed on the way home. However the show was not over.

As we were driving down the road, the double rainbow reappeared. So I scrambled to find some place to stop and take more pictures. It was so fun to go on the hunt and I believe the resulting image below definitely shows that it was worth it too.

GTFD Horseshoe Tournament

This summer I partnered with the local fire department and had opportunity to shoot a few of their planned events. I had a lot of fun doing this and the boys enjoyed some fun activities as a bonus.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Such a little show-off layely.

Farm Fest 2011 - Frankenmuth

The weekend after the Firemuster was Farm Fest in Frankenmuth. They bring in antique Farm Equipment. The boys enjoyed exploring and "driving" a few of the tractors.

After exploring a bit, we rode the wagon over to the one-roomed schoolhouse.

While waiting for the previous group to finish inside, I snapped a few scenery shots.

Loved being inside and checking things out in there.

Headed back to the farm. I almost wasn't able to get on this tractor and ended up in the back and Asa wasn't to thrilled about that.

Then Asa and Eli enjoyed riding the barrel train. I love this first shot of Eli.

Here they are coming back.

And since there was no line they got to ride on the other train.

Loved seeing all the different demonstrations.

Then it started to rain a bit harder.

So we headed inside the homestead farmhouse.

While we explored inside, the rain lightened up and we went back to check out the plow horses.

Before leaving we rested over in the entertainment tent and enjoyed some singing.

Then we went through the barn on the way out before heading to the car.