Saturday, August 20, 2011

SCHS Pop Concert - Sarah's Solo

I was able to attend my niece's final choir concert. I was surprised to see that she had a solo. She did such a wonderful job singing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival - Part 4

On the last day of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, we had some major storms roll through the area. We weren't sure they would even hold the evenings festivities. We headed up anyway just in case. We walked around the Bavarian Inn complex enjoying a nice evening stroll.

We then headed over to the main lawn to enjoy the "twinkle" event since it was too wet and a bit windy for them to inflate the balloons. We also walked around collecting more signatures. We obtained signatures for 27 of the 36 balloons featured.

I even caught Trisha in the act of capturing images on her new camera, which is my old camera. She earned it as her payment for her willingness to help me out when needed.

A short time later, we headed back to the car to enjoy the fireworks display.

Watching the fireworks over the Zehnder's Bridge was an awesome sight.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival - Part 3

Saturday evening we headed back up to Frankenmuth for the balloon glow and twinkle.

Because of the weather they only inflated two of the envelopes. We walked around and collected all of the signatures from the pilots who had their baskets out.

Asa and Eli loved the balloons but were not thrilled when the flames were ignited.

It was so much fun again and I loved practicing my handheld night shots.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival - Part 2

After watching the balloon race, we met up with my sister and her family. We walked around some more and let the kids play with some of the toys that were laying around for some of the weekend activities.

As it grew dark, we headed over to see the balloons being inflated.

Then the ropes were removed and we were allowed to walk around among the balloons. We went around collecting signatures of the pilots on the programs we had received while waiting for the balloons to inflate.

We made it around to five of the eight balloons inflated this evening. Such an enjoyable time.