Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kirk and Holly's Birthday Cookout - Part Two

Papa Tony and Uncle Jeremy throwing the football back and forth.

Molly blowing bubbles.

Uh-oh the mamarazzi has been spotted.

Eli (and Asa) love balls.

Asa has finally decided that Sarah is a pretty good companion, definitely not afraid of her any more.

Regina and Shannon.

Papa Tony and my boys.

Uncle Kirk let Asa ride around on the bike. Asa kept trying to climb on it all day.

Cake Time. Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to Kirk, Holly and Holly's mom Karen. Can't you just see how wonderful it sounded?

Blowing out the candles.


Asa playing the water bottle game. Uncle wayne was letting Asa take all of the waterbottles out of the bin of ice (well ice water by this point in the day). Then Asa would climb up and toss them all back into the bin.

It was a great time and a beautiful day, not a single rain cloud in the sky. For those reading who don't know the previous two years we had rain along with tornado watches and warnings, so it was a definite blessing to have such a beautiful day.

Kirk and Holly's Birthday Cookout - Part One

Sarah, Jeremy and Wayne out on the basketball court.

Eli found the balls.

Todd playing T-ball.

Asa kicking around the soccer ball.

Chris playing ball with the guys.

Asa took his turn at the T-ball.

Grandma Sawatzki, Great-Grandma to my boys.

Jeremy rode Tyler's bike over from the basketball court.

Molly and Cyndi.

Holly playing with Eli and Matthew.

Wayne out at the swings with Todd and Molly.

Nathan and Shannon blowing bubbles, Eli spent most of his time playing with the liquid that spilled.

Asa joined the bubble blowing fun.

A close up of Asa, he's really starting to figure those bubbles out.

Molly looking cute eating watermelon.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Since the ground was so wet, we were not able to be outside for the church picnic. After we left the church we stopped by a local school playground to help burn off some of the energy we thought the boys would have used up by playing outside.

Eli had soaked through his shorts, so Chris put him into his pajamas. I probably would have put him back in his shorts knowing that he was going to get dirty and he was going to get a bath when we got home. We also realized that Eli might not have soaked through but actually got into some of the water on one of the slides, oh well.

GIBC Picnic in the church basement

It had rained the night before and was threatening to rain the afternoon of the picnic, so we ate in the church basement. Asa, Eli, Jadon, and one other girl (not pictured because I do not know her parents and since I do not have their permission to post her picture I will not do so) were the only kids there. We had a great time of fellowship.

How do you watch TV?

You mean this isn't normal? I thought everyone laid on their backs facing away from the TV, only to crane their necks back to watch said TV. Oh and did you notice most of the "amals" are following Asa's example?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Haircuts

Asa got buzzed.

And Eli just got a trim.