Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chloe's Make Over

Here is Chloe before we started the process of shaving Chloe down for the summer.

Here Chloe is half way through the process. This is a two day affair because half way through the clippers become over heated and it takes between two and three hours to get this far.

And finally, Chloe is ready for summer. She is so tolerant and patient with her at home grooming. Typically she sleeps through most of it. The hardest to get is around her ears. She has had an infection that just will not completely clear up. I think next spring we are going to have to have an operation done so that the infection will clear up.

It's like a total different dog. She seems so much happier to be rid of the extra fluff. I know she is supposed to be fluffy but this is easier and it saves us thirty dollars a pop on grooming.

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