Friday, January 30, 2009


We haven't been doing a lot around here. First with the passing of my dad, then the boys were sick, so not much to report. So I was thinking I would share with everyone some of the pictures that I have been scanning and putting together into a book for my mom and siblings. Hope you enjoy them. I do have some new pics of the boys but I have to upload them to the laptop from the camera and well I can't use the laptop when Chris is not home, so I will share them later.

Feeding me as a baby.

Here I am probably 2.

Feeding Jenny.

Probably in 1979 with Jenny and me.

A family picture in 1981 with us three girls.

Michelle eating my dad's chip dip.

Chad hugging our dad before he left to go hunting.

A family shot taken around 1986. (ignore the eighties hair.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This past Wednesday as I was driving to church, I took a detour through For-Mar Nature Preserve. I wanted to get out but it was too cold and I didn't have the right gear on since this was an unplanned venture. I didn't have the boys with me since Chris had worked early and was home. Since the boys had been sick, we decided it best to have them stay home with dada. Here are a few of the pictures that I took on my little drive.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comfy, Cozy

Okay, so I left the room the other day to do something and when I came back, this is what I found.

How CUTE is that?

Is it my imagination or did the frog turn to look at the TV as well?

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Dad's Funeral

Warning - this post does have a picture of my dad in the casket. It is the last picture so if you don't like to look at those types of things I am alerting you in advance.

These first pictures are from after the funeral and the dinner. By the time we got back to my mom's, Asa had fallen asleep. Chad sat and snuggled with him for a little while.

Jaime was so jetlagged from the flight in from California. She fell asleep shortly after this picture was taken.

Then a few minutes later Chad needed to get up and he placed Asa in Jaime's arms and she snuggled right in with him.

These next six pictures are the picture board and tables that we had set up for the viewing and funeral. We probably could have put up another two photo boards and we thought we were overestimating when we took the four boards.

The casket spray and a few up close images of parts of the arrangement. Then the last image is of my dad in the casket. It is not an upclose image; I sat on the couch and took a wide angle photo because I don't like up close images of the deceased and I knew that I needed to take at least one image in case someone in my family wanted an image.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woods Family Christmas (New Year's Day)

This post has a few more pictures than usual. I could have posted all 114 pictures though. I narrowed it down to 25. One of my goals for this year was to be more up to date on my posting, another was to get my boys put on a better sleep schedule because they have been so far off schedule with the holidays and all. Well needless to say neither of these goals has seen much hope yet. With the the passing of my dad, everything got put on the back burner. I lost a week of my life and am slowly picking up the pieces and putting things back in order. Enjoy the pictures.

Pre-gift opening activities.
Steph on her DS and listening to her MP3 player.

Eli being cute.

Asa looks more like he's ready for mardi gras.

One of the three large Christmas Trees that my mother-in-law put up this year. All of the balls on this tree are hand made by her mother. (I say one of three large trees because I saw two small trees up in other rooms as well.)

And Let The Gift Opening Begin....

Asa and Eli playing with Todd. These guys get along so well. Todd is gracious and allows my boys to play with his toys, especially after he realizes they are not going to try and keep them, and my boys love playing with one of the bigger kids.

See Sarah does eat.

The adults playing "dice."

Nathan and Todd playing Wii.