Friday, December 31, 2010

Snow Day 2

We spent more time feeding the birds and even though temps were a bit warmer it was still cold and not condusive to playing outside.

Here you can see the animals tracks of the critters that enjoyed our little treat.

Here are the boys helping out with the task.

Snow Day 1

Not that the snow day was all that different from any other day in my world, the boys did enjoy watching the birds out the front window. Asa was hoping that some birds would take refuge in the bird house gourd that we hung out the other day.

We threw peanuts out for the birds and I had fun taking pictures through the opened window, the closest we came to going outside since temps were well below freezing.

Gorgeous colors in the sky and some really cool frost formations on the front window.
I also had fun taking some close-ups of the tree. Although now I'm really wanting a macro lens. Eventually but I have a few other things that take priority and it can wait.

I'll have a few more snow pictures from our second snow day in the next post.

Snow Storm December 2010

We got home from church and the boys headed straight from the car out to play in the snow.

The storm was bad enough that they canceled church for the evening service.
And the area schools were closed for two days because of below freezing temperatures.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa Visits the Zoo

This was also the 14th trip to the zoo for me and the boys since March.
Since I didn't do birthday presents for my nieces and nephews this year, we took Skylar and Claudia to the Children's Zoo in Saginaw.

We met Santa who also drove the train, then of course we had to stop and watch the model train.

After riding the train we stopped to play on the playground equipment for a bit.

Eli waved to Santa and the train as they drove by.
I don't know if you can see it or not but the rabbit stuck its tongue out at me and Eli was so excited to see the horses.

Apparently the rabbit wasn't the only animal stixking its tongue out at me, this kangaroo was doing it too. Claudia was telling me she wanted to open the exit door herself.

Sktlar and Claudia running over to the penguin exhibit only to discover they weren't out on display.

Playing in the manmade beaver dam.

Peacocks were still roaming about and looking majestic as always.

Then we headed to the carousel where the girls and Eli and Chris rode three times. Asa only rode once by his choice.
First ride around.

Second ride around.

Third ride around.

Asa and I went over to see Santa ride by on the train. And Skylar was the only one willing to pose by the cow statue.
We left the zoo and stopped by the Montrose McDonald's for lunch. We all had a great day.