Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2011

Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm 2011

They had Thomas the Tank Engine this year. Asa and Eli loved it!

Measuring how tall we are this year!

Feeding the animals!

Asa and Eli love this little bridge! And here they are with the largest pumpkins from this year's crop!

Checking out more characters and we walked the bird trail this year!

The boys even got to ride the tractor train this year!

More characters!

Trisha took the boys through the soybean maze!

Checking out more things. The old firetruck was fun to look at!

As well as the old farm truck!

There were tricycles all over the place and the boys loved trying them out. Daddy took the boys over to warm up by the fire!

Time to pick out our pumpkins! Eli apparently needed to test the climbability of the pumpkins!


Finally have the pumpkins picked out and headed to pay for them!

Then Trisha pulled them to the van!

Started raining on the way home and we saw a double rainbow!