Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Mini-Vacay Part 1 - Old Mission Point

A little discouraged about not being able to go anywhere this summer, things took a turn for the better. We were planning a small one day trip to Cross Village, MI when my brother-in-law invited us to come stay with them at the vacation house his in-laws rent for a week at the end of summer. After consulting his in-laws and his wife it was confirmed that we would be staying the end of the week. We drove up to Elk Rapids on Wednesday night and were able to get a full day of activity in on Thursday.

Our visit activity, which turned into an all afternoon activity, was to visit the Old Mission Point Lighthouse. My boys loved it.

They enjoyed playing in the waters of Lake Michigan. The breeze was a bit chilly so jackets were donned and the good times ensued.

Trying to take advantage of a great photo op.

The boys were having a blast throwing stones into the water. Chris tried to convince them they would get something special if they could lift the big rock.

Then we headed to the lighthouse but first the boys had to stop to make "sand angels."

Then finally we headed up to the lighthouse.

The boys enjoyed walking okay running around checking things out.

Then Chris took them up into the lighthouse tower. They really liked this.

We decided it was time to head back to town for some lunch. Interesting fact the lighthouse is located at the 45th parallel.

This log cabin is also on the site of the lighthouse.

Instead of heading back to the "big city," we headed into the town of Old Mission. We stopped at the general store for lunch.

They had very yummy zubs. We split one between the four of us which left Chris a bit hungry still but he decided to wait until we got back to the house to get something else to eat. The views on the drive up and down the peninsula were just simply gorgeous. I really do love the beauty of my state of Michigan!

We stopped by the store on the way back and bought food for dinners and breakfasts for the days we were there. We still had time to relax and enjoy some family time before dinner.

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