Monday, November 22, 2010

Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm 2010

This year Asa loved all of the characters. Eli not so much.
At least Eli was willing to stand in front of the measuring stick.

They really liked the big bunnies.

Look at all those pumpkins, at least the boys didn't blend in with them like Eli did last year.
Here the boys are trying to lift one of the giant pumpkins.

Checking out Clifford, Asa needed a closer look.

Checking out the cool teepee.

Time to pick out our pumpkins.

They searched high and low.

They even climbed over a few.

Until Asa found the one he wanted in the bin with all the other $1 pumpkins.

Come to find out he was looking for the "perfect pumpkin" but couldn't find the one that said "A-s-a" on it.

Eli decided he needed to ride in the cart. Then Asa climbed in too.

We went and walked around some more. We saw spongebob not that my boys have any clue about him. Eli even showed his Pooh dressed as Tigger to the Pooh Bear.

Then we fed some of the animals.

I love all of the little touches they have around the farm, here are just a couple.

Then the boys enjoyed playing on the bridge before we headed home.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maddy's First Birthday

I had the privilege to photogragh my niece's first birthday party.
I took well over 200 images. Of those images, I gave my brother-in-law and sister-in-law a DVD with 186 images. I did not post all of the pictures here don't worry, but I did select some of my favorites and of course I included some with my boys.

Eating Dinner.

The birthday girl and her proud parents.

Some of the editted images that I loved and had so much fun doing.

Opening gifts.

The gift from us.

Time for cake!

I think Eli ended up with as much frosting on himself as Maddy did on herself.