Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax Time 2010

Went and got our taxes done on February 12. It was a good day. Although I was disappointed as my favorite place to visit is still under construction. Hopefully next year. The images above are from the little drive around that we did at the Chippewa Nature Center before heading home.

Getting Warmed Up

What better way to warm up after playing out in the snow.

They switched spots. Oh how I love that smile of Eli's.

I love the water droplets suspended in the air in this one. Oh and Asa's face as he is tossing the water up out of the cup is great too.

As a side note: I'm thinking this is probably one of the last bath images as the boys are starting to get bigger.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some More Fun in the Snow

So when Chris got home from work, he took the boys out to play in the snow.

Asa trying to build snowmen on Chloe again.

Chris lifted Asa up to try to get icycles down from off the roof.
Asa found it fun to throw the snow.
Chris telling the boys something.
Next thing I know he's falling backwards.
And they thought it was hillarious and proceeded to throw snow on top of him.
View of the front steps to give you an idea of just how much snow fell.
Asa really like the sensory experience of eating the snow.
He even attempted to make his own snow angel.
Eli was so cold but did not want to come inside.

So All the Schools in the area were cancelled but....

Chris still had to go to work.
The view out the front window. Eli is just so darn cute.
My two boys reading books together.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Watching the Superbowl

I have decided that a love of sports is something that you are born with. Neither Chris nor I are huge sports fans, except for RED WINGS HOCKEY and in all honesty really only during playoff season. Asa on the other hand has a love for all things sports. If he catches a glimpse of a televised sporting event, he wants to watch it. Since there wasn't much else on TV the night of the Super Bowl, I obliged Asa and we watched. Eli fell asleep early and Chris was working the late shift this evening so it was just me, Asa, the camera, and the TV.

Asa standing up in my lap at the beginning of the game.

Yes we were cheering for the Colts. Mainly because like I stated above I'm not a huge sports fan, and the Colts are my Uncle's favorite team since he was in like junior high so yeah he's a long time fan.

Another shot of Asa watching the game.

And then the photo shoot began. He kept going back and forth between Eli, the TV and Chloe wanting his picture taken with each. I picked the best of them to share with everyone who might read my blog.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frankenmuth Snow Fest

We started with the high school competition area behind the River Front shopping center. Asa and Eli in front of the penguin sculpture.

A stack of books with a pencil as a book mark.

A broken fish bowl.

Asa and Eli in front of this sculpture of a circus elephant. I love how Eli is looking up at it in the first image.

I liked this sculpture of the train done by one of the teams of Owosso High School Students.

Some of the professional ice sculptures.

Asa and Eli next to Yogi Bear. Asa loves to hear me say "Hey BooBoo how about a pic-i-nic basket" in my best imitation of Yogi Bear.

I really fell in love with this sculture of the birds on a log.

A close-up of the birds.

Giraffe neck and head.

I showed this one to a friend of mine and she commented about how my photos should be the pictures you see on postcards. I really like the framing of this image.

Oh how I love the butterflies.

The sun shining through this sculpture was so cool the image doesn't quite do it justice but is still a rather nice representation.

A couple of entries from the team competition.
In front of the Zendher's Bridge, as we headed off to get some late lunch.

A stop at McDonald's for lunch.

The ice sculpture outside of McDonald's in Frankenmuth. Also got to see Lydia one of my good friends from my high school years. That was nice to visit with her for a bit.

After we ate and were ready to head home, Asa said he wanted to see the snow sculptures again so we made the long short drive through town, to view them again. I'm glad we did because I wouldn't have been able to see the sunset behind this beautiful ice sculpture.