Friday, April 24, 2009

Egg Hunt - Part 4 - Winding Down

My youngest cousin from my dad's side of the family and my youngest cousin from my mom's side of the family. (Yes I am old enough to be mom to each of them and yes it makes me feel old to see how grown up they are.) They are best friends and hate the fact that they live on opposite sides of the state from each other. I try to get them together every opportunity that I have.

After the Easter Bunny left we let the kids play with the left over balloons from my cousin Faith's Sweet Sixteen birthday party that took place the night before the egg hunt.

Faith holding Jadon. Hard to believe that she is sixteen already. She was only two months old when I graduated from high school.

Thanks to Jenny and John B. for hosting and planning our little egg hunt festivities.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Egg Hunt - Part 3 - Pictures with the Bunny

Skylar and Audrianna with the bunny.

Claudia and the bunny.

Alaina and the bunny.

Alivia and the bunny. I love this pic and how Alivia is looking up at the bunny.

Jadon and the bunny.

Eli and the bunny. He wanted no part of this but I did get a picture. We couldn't even get Asa close enough to try for a pic.

Trying to get Josiah's pic with the bunny, he wasn't so thrilled with this either.

Audrianna with the bunny.

Nicholas and JoAnn with the bunny.

This last pic is of the bunny with his brood. Aaron is the oldest, then Branden, JoAnn, John, and Rebecca.

Egg Hunt - Part 2 - The Easter Bunny Shows Up

We got back inside and Asa wanted some of the candy that was in his eggs. We let him eat one piece. To be honest, I'm not sure what happened to all of the rest. And no I did not eat it, although some chocolate does sound good right now.

Then the Easter Bunny came.

Asa and Eli were not to keen on seeing the Easter Bunny though. I don't think that Asa could have gotten any closer to Chris. Eli was okay as long as dad was holding him.

Egg Hunt - Part 1 - Hunting for Eggs

Asa and Eli looking for eggs.

Asa found an egg.

Eli with his finds.

Josiah with his eggs.

The five oldest sitting on the steps with their bags of eggs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Face

I told Asa that dada was home the other day and this is the reaction that I got.

So not what I expected. Usually he is jumping up and down and can't wait for dad to come in the door. Oh the fickleness of a two year old.

A Relaxed Breakfast

I understand the doing it himself issue.

Of course, it is dry cereal in the bowl.

But I don't understand the need for the foot rest when his feet don't even go past the seat of the chair.

"Okay mom, I'm all done and why do you always take my picture" - at least that's what this picture says to me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Huckleberry Junction Trip with the Sunday Schoolers

In order to get better caught up, I will be doing multiple posts over the next few days. I promise not to post more than two or three in a day. I can't believe how far behind I have gotten. Life hasn't been busy at all though - we only had something going on every weekend since mid-March (once we were finally over the sickies). We had an egg hunt, a birthday party, and a wedding in just the past three weekends alone. And I played florist/photographer/sister of the groom for the wedding - so yeah, I haven't done much the last little while. (And just in case you couldn't tell that was all in a semi-sarcastic tone.)

Okay now on with our regularly scheduled post --
The last Sunday of March we went to Huckleberry Junction (a pizza place similar to Chuck E. Cheese) with the kids from Sunday School. I did not post pics of the Sunday Schoolers for privacy reasons. I did post images of my boys and my nieces though. This first image is of Claudia and Eli on the balloon ride that rocks/twists back and forth. (Claudia and Skylar both are so good at making sure to include Asa and Eli in what they are doing and trying to help them when they can.)

Claudia on the horse.

My sister Michelle playing air hockey with her girls (Skylar and Claudia). I don't remember who won but they had fun. That's what really matters.

Then the food arrived and it was time to eat. All of the adults got a kick out of the fact that my boys wanted to eat peas instead of the pizza. Well this was the case for Asa since Eli can't have pizza because of the cheese (lactose issue). Asa ate like two or maybe three small bites of pizza and started asking for peas. Now I just need to start following Asa's example and maybe I would lose this weight that I have put on over the years. Another issue for another time and possibly another blog.

After eating it was time for more playing. And skee ball was the game of choice. Here is a series of Skylar and Asa playing well let's say Skylar was scoring points, Asa was getting frustrated because the ball wouldn't go like he wanted. It kept rolling back to him.

These next two pictures were a little hard for me to take because they reminded me of ones that I took back in Dec. of 2007 of Asa doing the same thing with my Dad, even though my dad wasn't visible other than his arm. It was hard to take the pictures and not think about my dad while taking them. We are in the world of firsts right now and this was one of those moments.

This pic is from just before it was time to go. Eli was getting very tuckered out and was ready for a nap. Chris liked this game because he got a lot of tickets from it. He got a little truck for Asa and a rubber duck for Eli.

The Bully gets Bullied

Okay I realize that the post prior to this one, I commented on how loving the boys are with each other. To be honest this is not always the case. Well the other day Asa would not stop pushing Eli, and to get his point across Chris decided to give Asa a small tap with his foot. Little did Chris realize that Asa would throw himself flat onto the ground, flat on his face. Next thing I know, Asa is crying and Chris is rushing him out here and blood is coming from Asa's mouth. We finally got Asa to calm down and could see that he had bit a bit into his upper lip. He was okay but had a fat swollen lip for a day or two. I wanted to get a picture to document Asa's fat lip and these are the two best images that I was able to capture. Asa didn't want to cooperate very well.

Monday, April 20, 2009

No More Sickies

I promise these two were healthy and basically back to normal when these pictures were taken. Although the month of March was not our best health-wise. We started the month with a stomach bug and then about a week after being over that we were dealing with ear and throat infections. I just love to see this connection between my boys. It is so much fun to watch them grow and connect. In the second picture Eli is actually trying to hold Asa's hands not the other way around like it typically is.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Moon is Shining Bright

The other day, Chris had finished giving the boys a bath and brought them out to the living room to get them dressed. Well when he went to get their "jammies" the boys looked so darn cute watching the TV that I couldn't resist taking their picture. I did decide to block out their little tushies though for the purpose of this blog, but I wanted to share because it was so darn cute.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eli's All Smiles

More smiling pics of Eli. I just can't resist when that little face lights up like that. He just sees the camera and gets that beautiful smile on his face and I have to take a picture.

He is getting so good at feeding himself, now I just have to learn to let go of the control and let him always do it by himself.

In due time, in due time. He is my baby and while I would like to have another one, I can't guarantee that I will have any more. Look at how long it took to have my first one, so I need to count my blessings and savor every moment that I can with my boys while they are younger.

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Tired Are You?

I'm sure there are many days that you come home so tired that you could fall asleep in no time flat when your head hits that pillow, but how tired do you have to be to fall asleep in your chair before you get your dinner?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is this?

I bet you are wondering why I am asking.

Because it is obviously the connecting joint on the safety gate, right?

NO sadly you would be mistaken because in the mind of my child this is a "pop dispenser."

Now don't you feel silly for not knowing that, I mean really isn't so apparent that that is really what it is.