Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Bully gets Bullied

Okay I realize that the post prior to this one, I commented on how loving the boys are with each other. To be honest this is not always the case. Well the other day Asa would not stop pushing Eli, and to get his point across Chris decided to give Asa a small tap with his foot. Little did Chris realize that Asa would throw himself flat onto the ground, flat on his face. Next thing I know, Asa is crying and Chris is rushing him out here and blood is coming from Asa's mouth. We finally got Asa to calm down and could see that he had bit a bit into his upper lip. He was okay but had a fat swollen lip for a day or two. I wanted to get a picture to document Asa's fat lip and these are the two best images that I was able to capture. Asa didn't want to cooperate very well.

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