Friday, July 31, 2009

Hillbilly Christmas 2009 - Part 3

Table-top football tournament begins.

Alaina eating cherry pie.

More table-top football.

Asa pushing Claudia and ultimately Audrianna.

Aunt Barb holding Derek.

How many can we fit into the sandbox?

Stacy holding Derek.

Jenny and Alivia.

Granny holding Derek.

Table-top football finals. Brandon won.

Asa and Josiah riding on the car.

Eli playing with Alivia.

Playing in the sandbox.

Turning Skylar into a mermaid.

Hillbilly Christmas 2009 - Part 2

Eli taking a snooze in Stacy's arms.

Ashley and her dad talking with others.



Belinda and April

Brandon, Michelle, Madelyn and the newest edition Derek.

April with Emily, Hailey and Aleah looking on.

Maddy eating watermelon.

Aleah eating watermelon.

Aleah holding Emily.

Halia holding Derek.

Eli playing in the sandbox.

Brayden and Asa in the sandbox.

Josiah checking out the big kids.

Ethan and Dominik playing with the waterguns.

Tyler filled the watergun with Cherry Coke.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hillbilly Christmas 2009 - Part 1

Eli on the rocking horse.


Trisha and Miranda taking a pic of Eli.


Bailey and Lauren

Granny holding Asa and Jadon

Eli chowing down

Asa playing around

Nicholas with the watergun. April in the background. (We thought this was the first get together in a while where no one was pregnant, we were wrong April and Roy are expecting their third.)

Trisha fighting with Miranda to pose for a picture.

Audrianna on the swings

The patriarchs of the family.



Laughing and having a good time

Christopher and Nicholas filling up the waterguns.

Asa enjoyed spraying the water gun.

Alaina ready to get wet.


Brayden at the swings