Friday, July 10, 2009

Father's Day - Part 4

Inside the butterfly house, the cocoons from our previous trip had emerged and a new set had started.

Eli walking through with Chris. Asa was sort of on his own but Trisha and Chris were watching him. The house is just larger than a camping tent.

Trisha felt so bad for this poor butterfly. It's wings were shriveled up and it wouldn't survive anyway or else I wouldn't have let her pick it up. She placed it on the flowers and it did eat some nectar though.

The bird just outside the butterfly house.

Back in the butterfly house.

The koi pond out by the food area.

Eli and Asa watching the peacock.

We think the peacock was thirsty.

And as we were leaving we got to see one of the otters awake. Maybe next time maybe we can see them in the water. Although Chris did actually see it in the water but by the time we got closer he was out and back in the hole.

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Ellyn said...

Sounds like a great way to spend Father's Day. I loved all those butterfly pictures. So pretty.