Sunday, February 27, 2011

Asa's OCD

Asa had all of his cars lined up the other day. I thought it was so cute. He said they were all "waiting to get in the station!" They must have found a good price on gas. Hehehe!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eli's EEG

Eli's EEG the next day went much better than his MRI. He was able to be conscious the whole time. The only mishap was right after we first got there. While his head was being marked up for them to know where to place the nodes, Eli threw up all over the floor. Amazingly, none of it ended up on any of us. We decided to move forward with the procedure and we didn't have any more problems. (We're thinking it was a combination of anxiety from the MRI the day before, after effects of the sedatives used for the MRI, and congestion.) He did wonderfully for the EEG, thankfully. We're still awaiting those test results though. I asked to take his picture once the test was over.

Eli's MRI

Eli had an MRI done on Valentine's Day. Before the procedure he was playful and full of energy.
They had to sedate him for the procedure. They maxed him out on the sedative and actually had to give him some benadryl before he fell asleep. Then he still woke up while he was inside the machine. Poor baby! Thankfully they didn't need him to go back in the machine.
We were allowed to leave, once they saw that he was able to walk on his own. He was so groggy (which I expected) and pathetic looking. Poor little guy. For being my easy going child he certainly has been to the doctor the most.
By the end of the week, we had the results of the MRI back. The scan showed no brain abnormalities but did show fluid on the ears and large tonsils. The fluid in the ears could help explain his speech delay, and the large tonsils may indicate sleep apnea. So our next step is a sleep study.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Arctic Zoo Fest - 2/12/2011

February 12, we headed up to the Saginaw Children's Zoo. Mant of the local areas were doing things in celebration of winter. It was a gorgeous day so we took advantage of the day in order to enjoy the animals. (I'm also excited to see the changes going on with the addition of new animal exhibits. Can't wait to see them this spring/summer.)
Here are the sled dogs that were out front of the zoo.

We headed in and went to see if the wolves were active. The one was wandering around the exhibit while the other one snoozed on top of the hill.

Then we checked out the Bobcat, Eagles, and Donkeys.

I love the structure they built a round the greeter bear. Such a cool idea as well as an excellent teaching tool.

Asa and Eli were totally loving the snow everywhere.

We got to watch a chainsaw carving demonstration.
Not even a huge pile of snow was going to stop the boys from playing on the playground.

The boys decided they wanted to feed the animals, so we made the donation to get some hay, then they wouldn't get close enough to actually feed the animals.

Before leaving, we, of course, had to ride the carousel. We rode three times.

Asa actually rode one of the moving horses, well a zebra to be exact. I was so proud to see him try something new.

And the third time on the caurosel.

As we were about to leave, we noticed they had a craft station set up for the kids so we went in to let the boys color.

We stopped to say good-bye to the dogs.

And I tried to get some good shots of the boys, this was the best I got, thet were ready to be done and head to the car.