Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowfest 2011 after the Festival

We picked Asa up, after Eli's neuro appointment and headed up to Frankenmuth to check out some of sculptures we had not seen and to see how they had weathered out the blizzard. It was beautiful outside and suprisingly not so cold when the wind was not blowing.
To start we stopped by to see the high school competition sculptures. The first sculpture the head had fallen off the cat but is still a pretty cool sculpture.

Chris tried to put Asa up on the giant toilet but he was having nothing to do with it. Eli was hesitant but intrigued by the thing.

I liked the two by two animals thought that was really neat.

And then, after falling in the snowbank, we headed over to revisit the ones from the weekend that we had seen. The lighthouse image is put todether from four seperate images.

Next I went to check out the ice sculptures. I love how the background scene is reversed in the spheres of the first image. The butterfly had to be among my favorites.

I don't know about you but the palm tree isn't really speaking warm balmy breezes to me.

Before leaving we drove by the winning sculpture from the weekend. The Eagle is among the favorites and this image is a panorama using three images. I also liked the knight/dragon sculpture probably a renaissance thing but I really liked it.

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