Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Trip to the Flint Children's Museum

The other day my sister invited us to go to the Flint Children's museum with her and the kids. She was also babysitting for Amber. Instead of taking Jadon she traded kids with my mom who was watching the boys for our sister Jenny.
We had a fun time exploring and learning. First up playing with pulleys.

Next stop the space station room.

Then over to the dress up station. This area was a huge hit with the kids.

Heading to the next area the kids got to learn about the human body.

Then it was over to the imagination play centers. Firefighters, Post Office, Restaurant, Grocery Store, and Playhouse areas, sort of making a little village area.

Back to the Rock Climbing wall.

The the four younger kids played in the 3 and under area. Asa was the only one that technically should not have played there but size wise he's the third in heighth of the four.
I dragged Josiah into the music room and he loved it. The first time that day that I actually saw him really interact with his surroundings. Asa and Eli had a blast in there as well.

Asa liked the funhouse mirror outside the music room. He also liked building the path for the ball to roll down.
Then back to the main room where you first come into the museum. Eli and Chris tested the flying magnetic ring.

Amber tried the simple circuit maze. She did pretty well for being 3. The giant magnetic Wooly Willy was a huge hit. Eli even found legos to play with.

Claudia liked standing on the vent in the floor. She and Skylar also tried to balance the scale. Not as easy as it sounds.

Then back to the space station where the 7 kids got the room all to themselves.

Before leaving we headed back through again and had a lot of fun. Here's one last picture of Josiah climbing the rock wall.

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