Friday, April 16, 2010

Watching the Superbowl

I have decided that a love of sports is something that you are born with. Neither Chris nor I are huge sports fans, except for RED WINGS HOCKEY and in all honesty really only during playoff season. Asa on the other hand has a love for all things sports. If he catches a glimpse of a televised sporting event, he wants to watch it. Since there wasn't much else on TV the night of the Super Bowl, I obliged Asa and we watched. Eli fell asleep early and Chris was working the late shift this evening so it was just me, Asa, the camera, and the TV.

Asa standing up in my lap at the beginning of the game.

Yes we were cheering for the Colts. Mainly because like I stated above I'm not a huge sports fan, and the Colts are my Uncle's favorite team since he was in like junior high so yeah he's a long time fan.

Another shot of Asa watching the game.

And then the photo shoot began. He kept going back and forth between Eli, the TV and Chloe wanting his picture taken with each. I picked the best of them to share with everyone who might read my blog.

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