Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Day at the Beach

October 9th was a beautiful day here in MI. We took advantage of the weather and had a pinic at the beach in Port Huron.
We even got to see freighters passing through. This one was headed North on Lake Huron.
The boys were a bit timid at first, but soon they were digging and throwing the sand into the waves.

Asa decided to rescue the rocks from the water and started a 'lection (as he calls it), which now resides on our back deck.

We stopped at the playground for a bit before heading home.

I loved how Eli waited for Asa before going down the slide.

We then headed home using backroads, taking in the scenery of the beatiful fall colors. We made a stop in Lapeer at Past Tense Cider Mill and looked around before it became dark, I'll talk about that in the next post though.

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