Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Mini-Vacay Part 2 - Grand Traverse Lighthouse

After a late breakfast/early lunch on day two of our mini-vacation, we headed over to visit the Grand Traverse Lighthouse! The day was a bit warmer but a bit more overcast. We stopped by K-Mart before heading up and picked up some sand toys for the boys.

Only, when we made it to the waters edge, we discovered that there was no sand just rocks really.

The boys still had a great time jumping and playing in the water. When they started jumping, I was beginning to wish I'd thought ahead and brought them a change of clothes. Oh Well!

I even got the chance to chase butterflies!

We then headed back up to the lighthouse because some of us needed to use the restroom.

We were going to head back but the boys convinced Chris to let them climb to the top of the lighthouse. They even got a prize for making the climb.

A few scenic shots before we headed back to the house for dinner.

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