Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Harvest Festival

Later in the evening after the parade, we took the boys to the Harvest Festival at the school. They loved it! They enjoyed every part of the evening.

First, they played a few games outside.

Then we headed inside and they really enjoyed the cookie walk. This proved to be the highlight of the evening as they played several times. They just enjoyed going around and anticipating their number being called.

Then they colored paper plate jack-o-lanterns. And tried the hockey shoot out!

Then we went to the library to hear a story! The boys loved this but then again it is their favorite thing to have books read to them. So I'm not surprised that they enjoyed this.

After the story the boys headed out to enjoy some donuts and cider. Only the tractor returned from the previous run and Asa could not get over there fast enough for the hayride.

Then off they went on the hayride while money went back inside to help with the games. All part of being a PTO mom. They had such a great time.

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