Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Mini-Vacay Part 5 - The Long Way Home - Cross Village

Driving through the tunnel of trees on Route M119 on our way to Cross Village.

Taking in the views as we waited to be seated at the Leggs Inn. There are three lighthouses visible on the horizon from the garden.

Deciding what they wanted to eat, mommy knew what she wanted long before we ever arrived.

More of the beautiful views as we waited for our food.

Surprisingly, Asa and Eli did super well while we waited over an hour for our food. I'd have complained but the food was delicious and obviously the view was spectacular!

Checking things out as we were leaving. I love this bee picture. So cool to stalk him.
Standing in front of the Leggs Inn tee pee.

Trying to read the sign only to realize I took the picture of the Polish side. LOL! Oh well, we spent a great afternoon together, enjoyed good food, and took in some spectacular views.

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