Friday, December 10, 2010

Asa Turned 4

For Asa's 4th birthday, we picked Trisha up from her half day of school and headed to the zoo.
First we rode the train.

Then headed over to play on the playground.

The ponies and the horses were very friendly this day.

Then time to cross over the wobbly bridge.

Daddy and Trisha did a good job of rocking it back and forth.

Man were the penguins active this day. They were swimming like crazy and so much fun to watch.

Then we headed to the carousel where we got to ride it three times. Well mommy only rode twice but still so much fun.

We had a wonderful day and a great time at the zoo. On the way home we stopped by Montrose Orchards to pick up apples for the birthday party. Those pictures will be in the next post though.

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