Monday, December 20, 2010

One Warm November Day

We took advantage of the warm days the best we could. Yeah we still had to wear jackets but it was so nice, I decided to take Chris to work, picked Trisha up from school and we headed to the park.
I love this picture of Eli, I'm hoping to recreate it this Spring.

The boys LOVED playing in the fallen leaves.

Then we headed down to the river and the wonderful stone bridge that crosses over the river.
Considering the fading light, I got some good shots of the boys on the steps of the bridge.

We crossed over the bridge and played peek-a-boo in the trees.

Heading back up to the car. I wish we had more light but it is what it is.

Before leaving, we headed to the playground and played until dark which was at about 5:45pm.

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