Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kirk and Holly's Birthday Cookout - Part Two

Papa Tony and Uncle Jeremy throwing the football back and forth.

Molly blowing bubbles.

Uh-oh the mamarazzi has been spotted.

Eli (and Asa) love balls.

Asa has finally decided that Sarah is a pretty good companion, definitely not afraid of her any more.

Regina and Shannon.

Papa Tony and my boys.

Uncle Kirk let Asa ride around on the bike. Asa kept trying to climb on it all day.

Cake Time. Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to Kirk, Holly and Holly's mom Karen. Can't you just see how wonderful it sounded?

Blowing out the candles.


Asa playing the water bottle game. Uncle wayne was letting Asa take all of the waterbottles out of the bin of ice (well ice water by this point in the day). Then Asa would climb up and toss them all back into the bin.

It was a great time and a beautiful day, not a single rain cloud in the sky. For those reading who don't know the previous two years we had rain along with tornado watches and warnings, so it was a definite blessing to have such a beautiful day.

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