Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kirk and Holly's Birthday Cookout - Part One

Sarah, Jeremy and Wayne out on the basketball court.

Eli found the balls.

Todd playing T-ball.

Asa kicking around the soccer ball.

Chris playing ball with the guys.

Asa took his turn at the T-ball.

Grandma Sawatzki, Great-Grandma to my boys.

Jeremy rode Tyler's bike over from the basketball court.

Molly and Cyndi.

Holly playing with Eli and Matthew.

Wayne out at the swings with Todd and Molly.

Nathan and Shannon blowing bubbles, Eli spent most of his time playing with the liquid that spilled.

Asa joined the bubble blowing fun.

A close up of Asa, he's really starting to figure those bubbles out.

Molly looking cute eating watermelon.

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