Friday, September 3, 2010

Tall Ships - Day 3

Our third day at the Tall Ship Celebration found us touring The Denis Sullivan and The Playfair. Both ships were beautiful, but after our experience on The Madeline the day before, the tour of The Denis Sullivan seemed very impersonal and actually felt like an inconvenience to be touring the boat. We enjoyed the day, despite this and the fact that the boys were a bit fussy. The weather was a little nicer being that it was overcast but the humidity was a little high and it rained only the slightest bit while we were out there.
Here we are touring The Denis Sullivan.

And a couple from The Playfair.

Taking a break and trying to decide what we were to do next, Eli took to entertaining himself.

The Bounty as seen from the other side of the river.

We went over to the craft tent and let the boys decorate lighthouses.

At this point it started to rain and we decided to call it a day, as we were headed back to the car, Asa decided he wanted to pet the snake that The Shedd Aquarium had on display. He sat there and waited so patiently, then when the opportunity to pet the snake presented itself, he decided not to do it.

Taking a break as we headed back to the car. Eli just looking cute and Asa insisting I needed to take a picture of his feather that he found.

I think the boys had it made on the walk back to the car.

A gorgeous overcast view of the ships on the river. This is one of my drive by shootings. I held the camera out the car window and just snapped pictures.

And the view from M-25 (M-25 is the road that goes over the bridge in the background of the picture above) as we were headed back home from the celebration.
It was a wonderful weekend and I will plan for four nights of hotel stay if and when the ships return to Bay City for another celebration.

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