Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jollay Orchards

Feeding and petting the animals in the little petting area.
This goat was very bold sticking his head through the fencing.
This is actually the closest Asa came to petting the animals.
Eli checking out his surroundings. Trying to see everything.
On the hayride, waiting to ride around the orchard grounds.
Asa sitting with Miranda. He was not to thrilled to be on the hayride. Also seen in this picture is Stacy and Chuck and Uncle Darian.
Dada finally took Asa and the little guy held on for all it was worth. He really didn't like it that much, now Eli was oblivious and seemed to really like the hayride.
Brandon and Maddy also road on the hayride with us. Brandon and Chuck talked politics almost the entire time. However this was not a bad thing. I learned a lot of things that just furthered my decision to vote the way that I was planning to vote.
Asa walking down the path with his Great-Aunt Barb and Great-Uncle Darian.
He had fun being swung along.
There is something so sweet about this picture. I just love it.
Asa picking up the pumpkin or at least trying.
Chris finally picked it up and handed it to him. If you look closely you can see Eli's hand reaching for the pumpkin.
Sitting on the tractor that was on display.
Just look at that smile.
Asa decided that the pumpkins were balls and he couldn't understand why they wouldn't bounce.
Asa and Maddy climbing around all the pumpkins.
Eli behind one of the giant pumpkins. Right after taking this picture someone bought that pumpkin. They were kind enough to wait for us taking the picture.
Eli and his tight lipped smile, usually a sign of concentrated excitement.
Asa with his chocolate mouth from sharing Maddy's cookie with her.
Michelle and Maddy. She had chocolate mouth too.
Look at that smile of sheer delight. He got a hold of the lens cap and loved it.
Brandon and Maddy, trying to take her dad's hat.
Guess who won?


Ellyn said...

You have beautiful boys. Looks like a really fun day.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful team of boys, you must have your hands full! These were such a joy to see and by the time I made it to the last frame, I was smiling from ear to ear =)

I have one daughter, but she is all grown up and in college now, so coming across your blog and share gave me smile and thinking of those beautiful memories! We also live in the country, so there are no little knocks on the door to hand out candy to, but my place of employment serves kids of many ages and had them running in and out in all their costumes carrying their bags/buckets in tow!