Saturday, November 1, 2008

Asa's Two

Here is one of Asa's birthday cakes that I made. I will admit I am quite proud of this cake. Now the other cake didn't look as pretty but it tasted just as good. I love the fact that this cake really does resemble a soccer ball.

Look at that face. Could anyone resist those eyes?

Eli playing contentedly with a cup and some toys. Poor guy didn't feel to good, only I was so busy with everything else going on I didn't realize it until after we got home. The poor thing is lactose-intolerant as well so people can't just give him anything to snack on. We are slowly figuring out what he can and can not eat.

And now an overview of the gifts that he received. Of course the best gift for Asa was being able to play with all of his cousins. He was almost oblivious to the fact that there was anything else going on around him.
Curious George Book and Stuffed Animal. (He loves the PBS characters - good thing since we don't get the other channels like Disney and Nickelodeon)

I can't think of what this is actually called but he loves it. He plays with it a lot. I like that it helps to aid in the teaching of his letters and numbers.

An official Wilson football. It couldn't be any other brand. It has to be a Wilson (for those who don't know that is my maiden name.)

The Potato Head Pirate set. Okay now I really had to include this one because I think Skylar is more excited by the gift than Asa is. Although Asa has enjoyed playing with it since it has been opened. He just didn't realize what it really was packaged up like that.

Clothing of any sort ended up being thrown directly to the floor. Asa may not of had much concern for it but mom and dad sure did appreciate the clothes.

The last gift to open was the picnic table that grandma and papa Woods got for Asa and Eli. It is a kind of joint gift since Eli's birthday party is two weeks after Asa's and they will both be using the table once Eli is able to sit at it without support.

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