Saturday, October 25, 2008

Side trip to the Augusta Covered Bridge

Last weekend we went across state to spend time with the family over there (more on that later). On our way over we made a little side trip to see the Augusta Covered Bridge. This was a very pleasant little place to take a walk. I am looking forward to going back on another trip.
Here is Asa helping dada push the stroller. He is getting to be such a big boy. He is usually pretty helpful with things, do note the word usually. He is doing very well with the holding someone's hand when we go places so he is not in the stroller as much.

Here Asa is pushing the stroller all by himself. He did this for about fifteen feet. He was so cute because he would push it a bit then stop, look around the side to make sure he was still going in the right direction, then go back and continue pushing.

The path ahead. We turned around at this point since we were on somewhat of a schedule.

Although Asa decided that he was going to keep going. Dada had to go and grab him. It was at this point that he went into the stroller.

But only after helping dada push the stroller a little bit more.

Eli enjoying himself and his bottle out in the great outdoors.

Some of the beautiful fall color that surrounded us.

The boys sitting next to the covered bridge. I took this picture through the little window. Eli was delighted to see me pop out of the opening as though we were playing peek-a-boo.

Another shot of my boys, although this is from the other end of the bridge.

The Augusta River that the bridge is built over.

The bridge itself.

The boys in front of the logging wheel. This image Chris took.

Another shot of them. Look at that smile on Eli's face.

The logging wheel.

A carved bear in a tree stump. I didn't even notice the tree carvings until we were headed back to the car.

An eagle carved in a tree stump. I was in awe of the amount of detail in these carvings. It was a perfect way to end our little side trip.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures from the rest of our trip. Then hopefully I will be back on track and have the pictures from Asa's second birthday party ready and posted by this Wednesday. Have a great day today.

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