Monday, September 1, 2008

At Stacy's house

When we arrived at Stacy and Charles' house, the kids were enamored with a stray kitty that had found its way there. Stacy or Charles had brought out food and water for it to drink and the kids loved playing with the little kitty. Another stray kitty that has adopted the house as his attacked one of the nearby birds. It was amazing to see this. The bird did get away so don't worry about it. It was still a neat thing to watch the cat do this.

Charles then spotted a doe at the bottom of the hill down by the river and he offered to take Asa down with him to help give the deer food. Here is the sequence of photos that I took. We have them headed down the hill, then some of the doe, it was funny to watch the doe because she circled around watching Asa knowing that he was not a normal part of this routine. It was so much fun to watch this event in my son's life. I am really hoping that my boys grow up with an appreciation of animals and nature.

Finally we have Asa getting geared up to go out on the boat for a ride around on the river. I know, I know. He is in a pink life jacket but that is what Stacy and Charles have at the house for Maddy. We are not near much water where we are at so borrowing someone else's works even if it is pink. With the rate kids grow buying a life vest when you almost never go out on the water is not a necessary expense. If and when going out on the water becomes a regular event we will definitely invest in life jackets for all our children. When I get the pictures from Stacy that Chris took out on the boat I will share those as soon as I get them.

Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and hopefully this week I can get caught up with the events that have taken place over the last two weeks.

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