Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

The above pictures are of some of the beautiful plants along the trail. The second picture is of a monarch butterfly and in the fourth picture there is a dragonfly in the upper right corner. And the fifth picture is of the three deer that crossed our path. I was in heaven when I saw these wonderful beauties of nature. They sat and watched us for a few minutes as I was elated to see them. I wish I could have gotten more images of them but I was so mesmerized with them that I didn't move fast enough to get many pictures. We were blessed to have seen them, at first we thought that there were only two and then the third one came out and I know I was in awe. Asa even reacted to them with a simple "Ohhh". He does this with anything that catches his attention right now.

My beautiful boys.

Here we have another Monarch Butterfly, what I believe is a Fox Tail Wildflower, some Thistle and then a dead Monarch. There were Monarch Butterflies all over the place out there. I had hoped to see some more wildlife but was content with what I did see. It is a beautiful place out there. I would like to go back since we have gotten all of this rain in the after affects of Hurricane Ike. When we were out there it was on the dry side. I can imagine all of the water out there now and the wildlife it is hosting especially as we are in the midst of winter migration.

Lastly we have a little bird on a wire.


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful post. I hope you didn't see all the Monarch butterflies dead but maybe this one. I enjoyed this post.

Brookville, Ohio

Christy said...

It was just this one that was dead. They others were good at being difficult to photograph.