Monday, September 29, 2008

Rare Moments on a Typical Day

The other day I was in the middle of getting the living room cleaned up. Eli had started to get fussy, it was nap time. I thought okay I only have a few more things to grab then I'll go put him down. Well I don't even think it was a full minute later, I look over and there Eli was laying up by the gate. This is the first time that he has fallen asleep like that. He is my good sleeper don't get me wrong. He sleeps close to twelve hours at night and has two to three naps through out the day. He is my text book baby when it comes to sleep. Although he typically will not sleep outside of his crib. He wants to be in his own bed. This does not make for good outings to someone else's house. Although he will sleep in the stroller pretty well so it does not seem to affect our little outings that we take to the nature centers and such.

Now Asa on the other hand is my difficult child when it comes to sleep. We are lucky if he sleeps nine to ten hours at night. He will only take one nap a day. We try to be consistent. I try to get him down by ten at night and down for his nap by one in the afternoon. But as you know the best laid plans don't always work. He will not go to sleep in his own bed. If it wasn't for the fact that he and Eli share a room, I would be really tempted to put him in his room and do a modified form of the cry out method.

My days usually consist of Chris getting Eli and Asa up when they wake up. Then I get up. Eli goes down for his morning nap. I am lucky if Asa goes to sleep before Eli wakes up but usually Eli gets up from his morning nap and we have lunch. After lunch we play, read, just spend time together. Eli goes down for his second nap. This is when I really try to get Asa to sleep if he is not already down for his nap. If Asa will not sleep, we play and cuddle, watch TV what have you until I can get him to sleep. Then once Eli wakes up again, he has a bottle. If Asa is asleep this is when Eli and I get some good quality time playing together. Otherwise we all play together. Now sometimes Eli will go down for a third nap depending on how long he has slept during his other naps. I can put him down for a third nap as late as six and still have him go to bed for the night at eight. Now if Asa hasn't gone down for a nap by four then we have to keep him up or he won't go down until after eleven for the night. We have only had to keep him up once and he was down for the night that time before nine. It was weird to have both boys in bed before Chris got home from work. It was kind of nice for a change. Although the boys didn't get to have their daddy time just before bed. Well that sums up our daily lives. Some days are different, especially Wednesdays and Sundays, but this is how most days go.