Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarett Nature Center - Benton Harbor

The nature center was a pleasant trip. We saw many things. Here are two beautiful butterflies. A Great Spangled Fritillary and a Black Swallowtail.

Here is a Calico Pennant Dragonfly.

Here is Eli getting Asa. He sure does love his older brother.

I loved that this observation deck was built around the tree rather than the tree being cut down. As well as the only picture that I got of the whole group of us that went out to the nature center.

Here are some of the pretty flowers at the entrance to the trails. This is the second time here because we went around once then went around again taking a different trail when one merged with the main boardwalk path.

Another of Eli and one of Asa. Asa didn't want to really cooperate with getting his picture taken. He is becoming more enamored with the display on the viewing screen. So when I get the camera out he instantly wants to see what is on the view screen and doesn't want to stay long enough to have his picture taken.

Some more pretty flowers. The first is Queen Anne's Lace and the second is Goldenrod with a beetle of some sort.

Finally a Black-Eyed Susan and the back side of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

I think I'd enjoy a trip to Benton Harbor too! Nice collection of photos.