Saturday, August 9, 2008

Josiah Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Josiah's first birthday. It was a small celebration, mostly family, that's if you consider this family small. In the past seven years my mother went from no grandchildren to almost ten grandchildren (I say almost because number ten is in the oven and won't be coming out until the end of this year beginning of next.) Here are a few pictures that I took.

A precious moment between brothers.

Asa trying to catch up and hang out with the older kids.

Josiah and his birthday cake, well actually zucchini bread my sister and brother-in-law have a no sugar until two rule.

The frog that we found out in the yard. Nicholas was ready to clobber it with his toy bat. We stopped him from doing it so no critters were harmed. Later in the day we saw a tiny frog. Nicholas said he would hold it but someone else had to pick it up for him because he was not going to touch it. I got a good chuckle out of that.

Claudia posing with that silly grin. She still looks adorable though.

Skylar and Nicholas climbing the mountains out in the backyard. Well that's what they called them anyway. The mountains are the remains of some of the fill dirt that was brought into the yard after the house was finished being built. I guess to a six and five year old they are a bit like mountains.

Eli playing in the exersaucer. He was quite enamored with the different toys attached to this one. He had fun playing in it as did Asa.

Testing out Josiah's new wagon. I know all of the kids except Eli, Josiah, and Alivia took turns being pulled around by Uncle Chris (Dada to Asa). They certainly gave it a work out. My sister was thankful to get this one because she lives on a dirt road and the metal makes so much noise. Thanks Papa and Grandma.

Here is Asa pushing Claudia on the little tricycle. He had fun thinking he was the one moving the bike.

Skylar and Nicholas in the corn field. One of the critter tracks that we found. They had fun following me around the yard as I tried to capture images of butterflies and grasshoppers. Half the time I would get a critter in focus and then one of the would come running up beside me. Needless to say I didn't get many images of the critters but I did manage to get some.

I got through most of the day and realized that I hadn't really gotten any pictures of Alaina. Then I realized that she had been put down for a nap. Here she is all refreshed and ready to go.

And last we have a picture of Alivia. How sweet is she? And yes there was someone just out of the shot ready to grab her as soon as she moved. This is actually the third attempt at getting this shot.

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Ellyn said...

I love the corn field shot. Too cute.
Looks like a fun birthday. I love zucchini bread. Yum!!