Monday, August 4, 2008

Visit to Stacy's

On July 23 we went across state to my cousin Stacy's house. We had a very nice time. We went only for the day. I was dropping my mom off over at my Aunt's house so they could head down to Alabama from over there. It was a long day but so worth it. We look forward to going back over there again later this month. Here are some pictures from this past visit.

Waiting at Aunt Barb's until time to go over to Stacy's house. Asa was so funny with this duck. When you push on the tongue it quacks and the beak moves, at first it scared him then he slowly got to the point where he would do it himself and thought it was fun.

Playing on the blanket that Stacy brought outside for us the kids to sit on. Eli enjoyed playing with the blocks as did Asa. Miranda makes a great playmate.

Asa and Jeremy playing catch with the football. He enjoyed making Jeremy dive for the ball as he would toss it in the opposite direction of where Jeremy was.

Asa going down to the river with cousin Jeremy. He had a fun time down there. Mom would have gone down but the steps down looked a little to steep and she had a slight headache and decided it was wise not to climb down with an off-centered balance going on.

Eli playing with his great-aunt Barb on the blanket out in the back yard.

On the swing in the neighbor's backyard with cousin Paul.

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