Sunday, August 17, 2008

Skylar's baptism

Wow. I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted and those images were from the week before that. So in the past two weeks not much has happened here. Just the same things for the most part. Our one main highlight this past week is from last Sunday. My niece Skylar was baptized. She was saved a few years ago during a vacation bible school at another church than our own. The local church around the corner from me was having VBS so I decided to take my cousin who was staying with me for the week and invited my sister to bring my nieces. I hadn't had my kids yet. My cousin was also saved that same day.

So a few Sunday's ago Skylar approached our pastor and asked him about being baptized. Now she did this all on her own. I was there and was a little surprised because I didn't realize that she realized what baptism was or what it represented in the life of a believer. Well this past Sunday she followed the Lord in the waters of baptism. As our pastor said "she can say she did it the old fashioned way, in cold water," this is because the heater was not working correctly on the baptistery and so the water was cold and not heated to a comfortable temp. Now I have to say I was waiting and watching for Skylar's reaction as she stepped into the water. This girl never even flinched walking into the cold water. However after being baptized you do see a small hint as to the temperature of the water being cold.

At the bottom of the page is a video of the event. I have included the few pictures that I took as well. Sorry they are dark. I am still trying to figure out the right setting for my camera in our church. They have installed those fluorescent lights and even with setting the white balance for them and using a full open f-stop, I am still getting dark photos inside the church. I have a few more things to play with and hope to have this fixed before the next time that I post images from a church event.

Stepping into the baptistery.

Affirmation of her salvation.

Her Baptismal.

Prayer after the baptism.

Just before the spaghetti dinner that her parents provided for all of our family and friends after her baptism.

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