Thursday, August 28, 2008

McDonald's in Charlotte

Here are pictures of the boys playing in the McDonald's play place. We stopped in Charlotte for lunch on our way across the state. It is roughly the halfway point between Flint and Saint Joseph. Now I don't typically take my camera with me when going to McDonald's. But since I had it in the car and I noticed that they had a really cool play place so I took it inside. Now Eli didn't actually play in the play place, we just set him at the bottom of the truck part because he looked so cute in the camo shorts outfit. Trisha wanted to try and get pictures of the boys together but Asa wasn't really cooperating, he was more interested in playing.

Asa in the climbing area.

Asa in the toddler area. The final image has a little boy that was there in it, Asa had fun playing with him.

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my favorite part about mcdonalds is the playground - and the toilets!