Friday, June 18, 2010

Zoo Trip 6 - Potter Park Zoo - Part 3

I love the landscaping they have done. It makes the zoo experience so much nicer.
While we were at the duck pond, I saw this Great Blue Heron. So exciting and unexpected.

He caught a fish.

Feeding the waterfowl at the duck pond and taking in the activities.

A neat looking goose that I've never seen before.

Peacock over by the duck pond.

More beautiful scenery.

A different peacock. This one was preening himself.

Enjoying an icee. Eli had green apple.

Asa had a cherry one.
And more landscaping that caught my eye.

Asa saw others doing this and decided he wanted to sit on the giraffe.

Eli was tuckered out. It was a long warm day.

Stopped back by the Artic Fox and Otter exhibits and this fellow was lounging enjoying the shade.

But this fox was running laps. I found it odd considering how warm it was but it was still fun to watch since we've never really seen them active.

And finish off our zoo trip in the aquarium area. Here is a Nemo type fish.

And this guy glows in the dark along with the coral/sponge stuff that was in the tank.
Another great zoo trip in the books.

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