Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoo Trip 7/Part 1 - Taking Trisha to Work

The petting bunnies are back.

Asa liked watching them.

Trisha hard at work on her first day on the zoo crew.

Asa was really into seeing the cows this day.

Then over to check out the chickens.

Next was the new turtles. I forget what kind this guy is.

But the African Hingeback was making an escape. We alerted the staff and showed them where he was at.

Then after the excitement of the "Great Turtle Escape" we went back to see the baby chicks and even got to pet them.

Asa decided that he wanted to pet the white one not the black one. The keeper was so thoughtful and obliged my finicky boy.

Eli wanted nothing to do with petting them.

Then Chris headed over to the train with the boys while I relaxed by the pond.

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