Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stepping Stone Falls - Walk 2 2010

So we went for another walk. This one was just before sunset. Loving the goose silhouette.

This duck was "taking a shower" in the falls.

My cute adorable boys playing and looking around.

My hubby and our dog, Chloe. I'm really liking this picture.

A picture of the falls from farther down the trail.

The bridge that was the end of our walk. Here we are headed back.

Asa checking out the river below.

Some graffiti on the trail. I took a picture because it reminded me of one of my photography friends. She likes taking images of grafitti.

A caterpillar on the trail.

Asa on daddy's shoulders. Love the look on Asa's face.

Sun setting over the lake.

Ducks in the water. I believe these are cast offs from the animal farm that closed down a few years ago that is across the lake.

Asa checking out the ducks.

Eli helping daddy get Chloe a drink of water. I like that they have this pumping station here.

Checking out the water as it comes out.
Asa wanted a turn so Trisha helped him try it out.

Sometimes the fine art photographer truly comes out. Love the water drip that is almost ready to fall.


Stacy said...

Great photos Christy! I especially love the one with Asa on Daddy's shoulders - you don't post a lot of photos of your hubby with a big smile like that (looks like he's usually busy attending to one of the boys, lol) & it just jumped out at me...I'd be enlarging and framing that one!! :D

Tabib said...

Yes that silhouette and water ripples.

Christy said...

Thanks Stacy and Tabib