Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Morning After Surgery

Here Eli is all excited and trying to dance to Elmo's World.

Realizes that it doesn't feel so great to jump around and dance.

Here he is actually laughing at something that Elmo just did.

His eyes are a little swollen but looking pretty good for having surgery just a little over 24 hours ago. His eyes looked nothing like I thought they would after surgery. The eye doctor kept saying the corners of his eyes might be red for up to six weeks after the surgery. So I'm thinking the corners on the eyelid not on the EYEBALL. Hello. I realize I should have known this given the amount of time that I spent researching the type of surgery he had done but I don't recall any pictures that showed the eyes after the surgery. Anyway as of today (6/19) Eli is doing great and healing well. His eye doctor is very happy with the results and I too have noticed a difference in the alignment of his eyes. Here in the beginning his eyes will tend to turn out but should ultimately correct itself as they heal.

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