Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eli's Eye Surgery

Eli had corrective eye surgery on June 3.
Here we are all checked in and waiting in the pre-op room.
Eli wanted nothing to do with the bed.

Until daddy started playing with him.

(I think the picture below is one of my favorites.)

And here we are out of recovery and in post-op.

Waiting for Eli to wake up.

It took a little while but here he is eating and drinking. He was sharing the roast beef from daddy's sandwich.

Ready to go home.

He was more concerned about that band-aid than anything else at this point.
Neither of my boys like having band-aids, so they are not the easy fix that they are for most kids. This is probably a good thing since I won't need to buy a lot of band-aids. But then again this could change, they are only toddlers.

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