Sunday, June 20, 2010

Orientation Day - Zoo Trip 7

Trisha is working as part of the Zoo Crew this summer. We took her for her orientation. The boys got to play while Trisha and I were finding out the "ropes."
Here's Eli playing on the "camel-frog" as Asa called it last year.

Here's Eli crawling around on the jungle gym.

The butterfly exhibit was finally open.

Asa showing me where the butterflies were.

Kangaroo as seen from the train.

Here's comes the train.

This was the second train ride for the everyone but me. I wanted to get pictures of them on the train.

Asa found a new way for Trisha to hold him.

And then riding the carousel. Chris had already taken them while we were at the orientation. This is however Eli's first ride on one of the horses.

Needless to say, Eli LOVES it!

Sticking their tongues out at me. Typical Trisha.

Second time around. Eli knew exactly which one he wanted to ride. He ran straight to the zebra.

Chris and Trisha switched jobs this time around.

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