Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Week Check-up and ForMar

We took Eli for his one week check-up after surgery. The doctor said his eyes are healing as he would expect and to reduce the eye ointment to once a day for the next ten days.
After leaving the eye doctor's office, we had some time to kill before Trisha was out of school. We stopped by For-Mar Nature Preserve and let the boys play around in the visitor center. They truly enjoyed it.

On the way out I spotted a new butterfly/moth (haven't researched it yet). That was thrilling for me.

I also spotted this dragonfly.

Also on the drive out we stopped to check out the bird house I had seen the tree sparrow at early this spring. As I was ready to shoot an image, I was treated to the visit from the male tree sparrow. So excited to capture this image.

And here is mama tree sparrow sitting on the nest.

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