Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Toledo Zoo - Part 1

First stop the tigers, they were sleeping. But man look at the size of those paws.

Asa and Eli were not liking being in front of the statues. For some reason, unknown to me, they are afraid of them all of a sudden.

Next stop the African Safari area. First up the hippos. This was our first time seeing actual hippos. They have them at the Detroit Zoo but we did not get to their exhibit until the end of the day and they weren't out so we obviously didn't see them.

A Clawless Cape Otter. The boys like watching the otters.

And the main attraction for our journey to the Toledo Zoo, why the elephants of course. The boys were very excited to see these guys.

A duck swimming in the waterway between us and the elephants.

Blue Bellied Rollers in the African Aviary. I like the set up of native areas at this zoo as well.

The boys watching the birds flying around.

Asa loved pushing the Handicap buttons, to him, it was like magic.

The Rhinocerous
And the Meerkats. I think the one that looks like it is sitting might have been pregnant but I don't know for sure.

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